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Applied for Approvals

Applied CDSCO Approval (Under Process)

Under the Drug and Cosmetics Act, the regulation of manufacture, sale and distribution of Drugs is primarily the concern of the State authorities while the Central Authorities are responsible for approval of New Drugs, Clinical Trials in the country, laying down the standards for Drugs, control over the quality of imported Drugs, coordination of the activities of State Drug Control Organisations and providing expert advice with a view of bring about the uniformity in the enforcement of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

Applied For FDA Approval (Under Process)

Food and Drug Administration Maharashtra State is the State prime organisation of consumer protection.
Commissioner is the head of the Administration and Drug Control Laboratory. FDA is having Head Quarter at Mumbai and offices at Division and District Places. The Divisional Offices are headed by the Joint Commissioner and District offices are headed by the Assistant Commissioner.
It has dedicated professionals working to protect, promote and enhance the health of people. It is a trusted agency to enforce the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act fairly, upholds safety standards, and protects consumers.

Applied for International Patent (Under Process)

Applied for Institutional Committee for Stem Cell Research (IC-SCR) with the NAC-SCRT (IC-SCRT) in ICMR. (Under Process)

The National Apex Committee for Stem Cell Research and Therapy (NAC-SCRT) is the apex body constituted by the Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India to oversee the activities in the field of stem cell research in India. The NAC-SCRT will examine the scientific, technical, ethical, legal and social issues involving stem cell research and therapy in India.
The NAC-SCRT is a multidisciplinary committee with a Secretariat. It has two main functions:
  • a) General oversight of the field of stem cell research and therapy in India and formulation of policy related to it;
  • b) Review of specific controversial or ethically sensitive research and proposals for therapeutic use of stem cells / differentiated derivatives.